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That is because you have not taken your premise to its full conclusion. As you could see Richard Dawkins took it to its logical conclusion. There is nothing no purpose, no reason, no joy, no happiness, no beauty, nothing. In the end it is all for nothing since we come from nothing and will return to nothing. You are here by random chance in a random universe on a random rock floating though the endless void.

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Kaziran 27.02.2018
There actually is a lot we can do about it. And it's not just a warming earth. It's resource depletion. It's air quality. It's pollution. It's a massive scale destruction of our environment, which we evolved to live in. And we can do something about it. We choose not to.
Tautaxe 02.03.2018
Added to US deficit, top four.
Fenrisar 10.03.2018
My, you do like to be redundant. Disingenuous and dishonest. Why not throw in unethical just for good measure? But hey, that is why you are the smart one here...
Malrajas 10.03.2018
Lots of fun little tidbits in that series.
Malataxe 16.03.2018
I wrote almost the same thing a few seconds later!
Vudal 17.03.2018
People grow during persecution and suffering.
Maugrel 23.03.2018
Fact: at this time, there is no indication that a deity is
Yobei 30.03.2018
He know his base is too stupid to perceive his frequent blatant contradictions and will readily dismiss any discomforting cognitive dissonance as fake news. Stupid and brutish, red hats, soon brown shirts ...
Dairg 04.04.2018
His quote says it all.
Fek 06.04.2018
I grasp it fine. Bottlenecks happen. Stasis is what we've been saying, and its confirmed. Gradualism is not seen and it pisses you off. I guess. Quit taking it out on me. :)
Yozshuzshura 16.04.2018
It's gotta really sting for tards to watch real leadership in action as they realize what a subservient pussy Obama was by comparison. It has to be very uncomfortable to come face-to-face with your inner coward.
Akishicage 22.04.2018
It's Doug's way or the highway. He's not the type to care what went on before he was leader.
Galrajas 24.04.2018
Denouncing Syrian intervention based on obvious false flag chemical attacks does not constitute anti-middle east wars ....
Bakus 02.05.2018
I don?t doubt that Nazarath existed. Playing devil?s advocate though, how do they know the town was called Nazarath? It?s not like it would have a big ?Welcome to Nazarath? sign. It would just be a random town that wasn?t mentioned in any historical records.
JoJozuru 03.05.2018
Fingers crossed :)
Meztisho 07.05.2018
Electric light doesn't work always: there might be power-cuts or light bulbs explode, but I'm not turning back to oil lamps.
Zuzragore 10.05.2018
I just blocked someone to test out the feature. Cool.
Moogukora 17.05.2018
Apparently, Spanky CAN'T do his job:
Vunris 19.05.2018
I've read the book. It was written by stone age scribes as an obvious work of fiction/mythology. I get the plot. You may attribute Divine authorship but there is zero evidence of that large claim.
Shakinos 21.05.2018
which mod is that?
Faebei 26.05.2018
But you trust a corrupt Lib gov`t?
Goltiktilar 27.05.2018
It works for me, but then there's always the Obama slaves and worshipers who think HE DID IT.
Akinogal 29.05.2018
The Bible stories and Genesis are a myth and you come back with "Explore God for a change."


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