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Sore boobs in 3rd trimester


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Sore boobs in 3rd trimester
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Agreed. The OP is about good parents
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Glad to hear all is going well! Yes, I?m like the ?Dear Abby? of Disqus. Those who are addicted keep coming back! ??
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Do you "feel" a sense of humor? Maybe robots don't get jokes either.
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To my way of thinking, both religion and science are children of philosophy. To that end, I don't think perennialism carries any more metaphysical baggage than science does. While there is lots of evidence and theory to sift through, both acknowledge fundamental mystery. I think any ontological projection of what reality "is" is nothing more than metaphor. Preferrably, very useful metaphor, that maps to theory and experience as coherently as possible.
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not familiar with diamonds?
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What kind of evidence? What kind of evidence would you expect for the creator of the cosmos? This is not A BIT like the loch ness monster, who would be a part of the cosmos.
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oh, i just seen this:
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So whats your excuse for humanity?
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Fortunately the God thing is only make believe. It's amazing that anyone could think such an absurd thing really exists.
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Enjoy some smilies brought to you by teh kittehs
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Ussr was an atheist state established by Lenin and Trotsky both vicious atheists under the political philosophy of Marx . A philosophy that demands atheism .


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