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So, contextualizing means to ignore the parts that don't fit my pre-conceived conclusion?

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Dotaur 14.02.2018
I'd prefer abolishing the IRS altogether. It's a broken system in many, many ways. The benefit to religious organizations is only one small facet of a major problem.
Jutaur 24.02.2018
I used to prefer men if I went for massage. I had this assumption they would be better at deep tissue with their big, strong, man - hands.
Voodoor 05.03.2018
nope, he came to uphold it
Muhn 10.03.2018
Leftism destroys everything it touches.
Malalrajas 16.03.2018
LOL that's not nice.... Funny but... Not nice...
Darisar 19.03.2018
The message being true is a different discussion which I am happy to engage in if you wish. The point I was making was that the Christians have changed the original message that Jesus (peace be upon him) proclaimed and I can provide of this in both the NT and the Qur'an.
Sagis 28.03.2018
Ancient Babylon Historians of the highest calibur such as Hislop, Bunson, Leyard and many others have positively connected your shiva as being a deity created by the pagan religious leaders of the era. I am not a Jew. I am a Christian Bible Student and Historical researcher of ancient Babylonian Religions. I concur with the never debunked findings of the Historians as to the man made deities of whom your shiva belongs.
Vidal 31.03.2018
Do you believe in the resurrection?
Fenrikree 03.04.2018
How so? At least some of the criticisms seem legitimate.
Kazishura 03.04.2018
Dammit, I've been holding for Koodo now for 45 mins, they're hold music is now repeating.... aaargh...
JoJogor 08.04.2018
The constitution is rather specific about the situations in which citizens get special treatment. The men who wrote the constitution where big enthusiasts for a concept that was rather new at the time ---
Moogulrajas 11.04.2018
Assuming we're talking about the God of Genesis He did not
Netaxe 21.04.2018
You need to read the Bible text again, slowly:
Fegor 24.04.2018
"Dinosuars,[SIC] and other creatures were here millenia [SIC] ago to physically prepare the earth for human habitation." As you know this, you should have no problem proving it.
Kazitaur 25.04.2018
I never removed myself from the mountains, but never fit in music wise. It was all country here and there I was with Slayer, anthrex, megadeth and pantrea. Not really a fit lol. But I like a wide range of music, my wife got me into some R&B and rap, I infected her with Pantera and slipknot. So fair is fair :D
Grojar 27.04.2018
Im lookin for a new love ??
Fekora 27.04.2018
Yet, Chrsitans call themselves god fearing.
Kazragrel 29.04.2018
Doesn't look like her.


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