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I'd hazard a guess and say that all humans are equally "hypocritical." Research into prison sentence lengths and their effects on crime indicate that the size of even a worldly threat that is demonstrably real doesn't really have that much of an effect on people's actions.

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Adult milia on neck
Adult milia on neck
Adult milia on neck
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Nemuro 19.02.2018
Well Ralph and JDave..this has taken a weird turn, lol.
Tautaur 24.02.2018
No, I'm not confusing the two at all. Having taught world religions ? 5 to 7 of them ? for 20 years, I know the distinction quite well.
Jusho 03.03.2018
Is there another position you can take over or apply for with your current employer? There has to be some sort of upward mobility opportunities there. You have a degree too...that should count for something. maybe take some computer science refresher courses and try to get into an entry level IT job? Even at entry level you'd likely be making more or the same
Nile 04.03.2018
well, you read it wrong.
Nera 13.03.2018
Non-believers have no interest in trying to disprove invisible creatures and unverifiable stories.
Nele 21.03.2018
It's not wrong. What's the error range on a 4000 year old sample? You clearly don't have a clue what radiometric dating is, or how it works.
Meztik 24.03.2018
Oh! And lighting fires on the Shabbat...
Sashakar 03.04.2018
This is why players kneel.
Zulumuro 13.04.2018
Yes, you keep repeating yourself. My point is ONLY that they should be performed in a hospital setting, not a house of worship. Clear enough? We Are all aware you believe the act itself is subjective. I'm sure you'll need the last word. Have at and a good day to you sir.
Virr 18.04.2018
"And thank God"
Gara 28.04.2018
Nice... 100% return in one year! How many years has the market gone up since the great reccesion? This year isn't looking good so far. Did you know that if Trump just invested his money in the stock market in 1978, he would have done better than what he's done since? Maybe you should help Trump.
Faer 05.05.2018
Actually the democratisation of social commentary IS the problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favour of maintaining the highest level of internet freedom, but the iherent risk is that some internet users may find it hard filtering all the garbage and misinformation.
Kegul 10.05.2018
I have a feeling the democrats lost America forever
Kazijora 14.05.2018
Let's shoot them some ideas, Tex! : )
Akit 19.05.2018
I wouldn't even care if I was her mom. Nope. At 16, no more than a 2 year difference if you're under my roof.
Yosida 29.05.2018
I've found that if one actually studies the bible critically the less one is inclined to accept the god presented therein is worthy of worship.
Zut 30.05.2018
yet he said the exact quotes above - THAT by definition makes him a demagogue...
Tygot 04.06.2018
you are a mod and you insist atheism has an ideology? That is very uninformed
Kihn 07.06.2018
That's just plain ridiculous.
Mezikasa 10.06.2018
Okay. Well lets go our separate way, then.
Moogumi 17.06.2018
I mean women are actually surprised by it...that I see males for everything but it wasn't like a choice. I just picked anyone
Zuluramar 23.06.2018
Except Christianity is not supposed to be about supporting any traditional lifestyle, what ever that means. It is supposed to be something different and calling Christians to be I?m the world but not of the world. It sounds like you want Christians defending the world, not changing it.
Aralrajas 29.06.2018
You said that already.
Kagagul 01.07.2018
That's a leap. C'mon, share with us the twisted road you took to get there.
Goltik 08.07.2018
So you claim. But again, I won't. My knees are getting bad, so there won't be any kneeling. And what have I to confess? That I am still in love with the girl who dumped me? Yeah.
Vogal 18.07.2018
People kill whether God is in the equation or not. Having him in it just gives one another excuse to kill.
Fenrishakar 27.07.2018
Did you not read "Ultimately the gun owner is at fault" and yes teaching children to tell an adult if they find a gun is responsible parenting not teaching fear of an object.
Jujas 04.08.2018
Ontario was booming under Harris, and represented 40% of the economy. On top of that, we were sending money to all the other basket cases in Canada. I?m pretty sure Harris was most responsible for Canada?s fiscal health, by cutting taxes. Are we gonna see a do-over with Trudeau? Thankfully, he won?t have the chance.


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