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Of course there is evidence that the universe was created :

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Will My Penis Get Bigger
Will My Penis Get Bigger
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Yozshull 02.04.2018
Well biology and medicine have expanded knowledge wise so they understand that things may not be as STRAIGHT forward as initially believed..
Tygobar 09.04.2018
Serious? Did you ever dig deep into say, Mormons? (there are many other silly assertions, but this jumps out).
Vilkree 17.04.2018
All you can do is be there for her without directly badmouthing her church but maybe focus more on asking her questions about her faith, like what she gets out of it, how it helps her, what parts of her faith she likes and how she believes a church environment should be. These gentle questions may help her figure out things faster.
Tejar 23.04.2018
i love the articles you post on this channel - so much triggering by the left!
Musida 28.04.2018
Kitty is our name together??? I?ll always be you kitten !
Malajas 03.05.2018
no, we worry that those like Pan believe in their own cultural/racial/religious superiority and that that belief will lead to atrocity.
Faushicage 04.05.2018
In your opinion!
Tolkree 05.05.2018
India and China.
Faekree 10.05.2018
But the obnoxious are even more commonplace.
Zunris 13.05.2018
Speaking in tongues has been studied and determined to be absolute gibberish.
Shajas 16.05.2018
A very interesting comment and larger discussion.
Voodookazahn 23.05.2018
Show me physical evidence for your lack of belief in Vishnu. Mine is the same.
Maunris 28.05.2018
Evidence of the nonexistence of nonexistent gods is nonexistent because nonexistent gods are nonexistent.
Zulkiktilar 05.06.2018
The FISA investigation isn't over. I think all this Impeach Trump nonsense is gonna unravel like a cheap sock.
Kejora 10.06.2018
People make people, God created the system. I don't see God as a craft brewer, lovingly making each beer. Your parents made you, your sexual desires may be all nature, all nurture or a combination of both.
Shakagul 16.06.2018
Comedy is lost on the young.
Saktilar 24.06.2018
I was really high on my back meds when I accidentally bought this.....(shivers)
Grosida 03.07.2018
I would express to him how it makes you feel and if he truly cares about you then he will stop this behavior
Dihn 11.07.2018
And how do you know that his heart is amiss? How do you know he loves money etc things, cares etc? Because he's on his forth plane?
Arashik 15.07.2018
"Whoops, I thought my racist views were publicly acceptable now. I'm sorry that they aren't yet."
Mele 20.07.2018
Mark 16: 9-20 is also accepted as not part of the orignial text.
Vudogrel 31.07.2018
mine is messing up
Vudal 06.08.2018
Species came on scene at once..check
Meztigar 13.08.2018
The operative word here Teddy is "threatens."
JoJosho 20.08.2018
Of course, it's a two-way street. Christianity had to (slowly) develop its own theology as it more and more separated itself from Judaism.
Kagabar 25.08.2018
You have no respect for your damned Rudy Boy. How would you even begin to no the difference.
Maushicage 31.08.2018
It?s not a science textbook. It?s about the relationship of God to mankind. It does say there are more stars than grains of sand in the world, which would pretty ridiculous looking at the night sky with the naked eye. But Hubble has shown us 100 billion galaxies (say it like Carl Sagan) with 100 billion stars each. And dang it if there aren?t more stars .... 10^22.
Shakacage 09.09.2018
Next road trip: Houston!
Kazrak 17.09.2018
I... kinda do live hedonistically. As much as I want to, anyway. I have a good, but still limited compared to the hyper rich, income, and like others have said living large is expensive. But I was on a recent shopping trip with a friend with fewer means than myself, and as we were picking things off the shelf I realized that my process was "hmm, this looks good, lets get it." Their process was "what is the cheapest thing I can get that is still tasty."
Samugore 19.09.2018
No point in asking that. You only get a goofy "god is eternal" answer. Never mind how he started out as the war god Yahweh.
Fenrizahn 24.09.2018
the garlic scent on the stake is actually armpit XD
Vik 02.10.2018
Why don't they agree 100%? It's all the same Bible, right?
Zolohn 04.10.2018
Holding a personal 'line' would you be looking away. Trying to tell others they have to refrain from kissing because you are a snowflake about it is imposing a line on others.
Gamuro 05.10.2018
Agreed to the nth degree. Sidenote, I wonder why no one on her mother's side was invited as well. Is she not close to them either?


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