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That is my point. Cherry picking articles to defend a position doesn't cut it with me. You posted some solid things here and I learned today. Most of what I see you post blindly defends trump for some reason and this tends to be one of those issues. The posts today, as I said, have taught me things about the issue I didn't know and I thank you for that. I would ask the same. If you don't know something, just admit it as you did here and learn something rather than blindly defending policies based on some political loyalty.

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Naked girls in the park
Naked girls in the park
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Morisar 20.02.2018
cause im not
Nezahn 25.02.2018
Does this feed the starving children of the world?
Mikam 25.02.2018
I have some very beautiful, and kind cousins who are very self conscious because of how other people have made them feel about their weight.
Akilar 05.03.2018
Stalin was a power hungry man, religion or lack of it had nothing to do with his actions.
Brara 06.03.2018
Fun example of the golden rule being less than useful. I hate celebrating my birthday, or being surprised. So I routinely blow surprises, and refuse to contribute to planning someone else's party.
Kazijinn 09.03.2018
It's a bit tired all this : Deuteronomy 22:28-29 A raped woman would be unlikely to marry and be destitute without her fathers support and on his death. The man has to marry the woman and is not allowed to divorce her. The woman does not have to marry and can divorce. This is to protect her interests in a world without welfare. In any other situation the man would be stoned
Kagale 16.03.2018
Jesus read the article instead of the headlines and photo... SHE was the victim, she was shot 7 times.
Akiramar 16.03.2018
A baker of a wedding cake is not providing a needed service or denying a service that would have prevented the gay couple from being married in a reasonable fashion.
Fell 22.03.2018
His historian friend that told him about ?Blood River? near his Golf course.
Nahn 31.03.2018
You have hope that Abe Lincoln will be able to understand that?
Gajar 03.04.2018
there's another reason to ditch the OT. People like you actually think slavery is ok. That's just f'd up
Fenrigis 12.04.2018
Way to go! More power to your elbow, bro.
Kaganris 19.04.2018
Do ya think Obama, being a lawyer and married to a lawyer, got somehow "fleeced" by a cunning attorney? Why would his legal expenses be significantly more than those of his contender as cited above? No need to answer and I am not trying to talk you into anything - just let your mind ponder for a minute. :-)
Tugami 26.04.2018
Of course the choice is about the life of the foetus and mother, in the widest possible sense, but nothing you have written persuades me that the choice is not hers to make, nor that her decision should not be acquiesced to. Certainly not that the Government of the day, nor any religion should have a hand in forbidding/allowing the choice to be made. It seems to me that enforcing, as far as possible a term limit is a reasonable compromise. Along with easily obtainable contraception and the "morning-after" pill.
Mezitaur 28.04.2018
I believe Maury dedicated a very special episode regarding that.
Tujas 30.04.2018
I think that is why I am having trouble reading the ones I started to and wanted to
Vudodal 01.05.2018
Oh and you have in fact, stated to me, when I have done postings, that those people were NOT TRUE Christians and here you are, changing your tune.
Nagul 05.05.2018
Under President Trump?s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:
Kigagul 08.05.2018
So, going back to my original question. These 600 people are the last of the human race as far as they know. So they will have to shed some partisan ideology like this "liberal" label, simply because it is irrelevant
Kajile 12.05.2018
It does not.
Dougor 22.05.2018
You may pass.
Mokasa 28.05.2018
Good morning Stinkers and Stinkerettes. I actually slept for a couple of hours this morning. My rib seems to have started mending. All I need to do now it stop hurting it.
Sajind 30.05.2018
I have been on it for almost 50 and I do remember most of them. So I can safely say it's at least 45 years old :-)
Zulkikus 04.06.2018
That?s just hilarius
Mira 06.06.2018
They didn't 'sacrifice' themselves, they were the unlucky ones who got killed. It's not even as though they were there voluntarily. Not to be too cantakerous about it, but where you see sacrifice, I see waste.
Samugul 09.06.2018
Like a good and a bad Bacteria.
Nikolabar 18.06.2018
Keep in mind that a lot of people forgave Bill Clinton because of what he did in general for the country. Everything from the employment rate to minority housing to welfare reform and one of the best economies we've seen in a long time. People will forgive Trump as well. The downfall of the midterms will be if the voters want to keep everything else he does in check. It happened to Clinton, W and Obama.
Grozil 26.06.2018
Damn, I can't believe Joanna is almost 40, she looks good.
Ditaxe 05.07.2018
Its not Friday, Damnit!
Yotaxe 09.07.2018
There are great people, but at the moment it's a harsh theocracy.
Grorr 16.07.2018
"...forms of creationist thinking"
Yora 24.07.2018
Like I said, better up the budget for uniforms. Every LEO better get crisp, new, brown shirts... cuz in America we just talk about freedom, we don?t actually want any.
Vigrel 02.08.2018
Extremely well....and you?
Brabei 12.08.2018
Be careful what you wish for ....


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