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Hij en zij op een alpenwei

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A peak into my video time

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" He shook Anne's hand off. They were tender, filled with love and emotion, yet there a hint of uncertainty. "I don't think so", one of them growled.

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?Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the gem of virtue.?

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Hij en zij op een alpenwei
Hij en zij op een alpenwei
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Fekree 26.02.2018
Nigger please ...
Magrel 01.03.2018
Yes but if you had faith the gun (or knife) was no danger, fear would be gone.
Sajar 03.03.2018
How does one determine god is not real?
Gardaramar 05.03.2018
Just curious, is there a passage of scripture I could read which backs this up?
Talrajas 10.03.2018
No, no, no... but if you are to propose that all the little Jewish infant victims of the Holocaust get hugs by default, well, you're steering into dangerous territory... many's the theist I've debated on these very fora who would claim as much.
Golrajas 12.03.2018
You are defending his "right" to discriminate against gay people. Have been for a week.
Zulkizragore 20.03.2018
Sure, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote there. Commonness is indeed not rightness. I mention "common beliefs" because the argument in this OP is that religious experiences should be disregarded because such experiences lead to beliefs that are inconsistent amongst individuals, cultures, etc. My point is that there are beliefs associated with these experiences that are fairly common/consistent.
Faushura 24.03.2018
Its simple, you need to accept the fact that there are religious views, traditions, scripture passages etc that will not sit well with you. Because you don't agree with them doesn't mean you should now label them ALL as hate speech. Its not good for our society that we delve into that madness.
Tojaran 01.04.2018
Yes as I am sure she bought her way to that already!
Akizragore 04.04.2018
Problem is it was a hoax, not real, nobody got hurt or killed.
Zulunos 09.04.2018
Trump is going to spend his fortune on laxatives and antacids ^..^
Shadal 17.04.2018
1/. No. I think those who are religious, and support the idea of flock thinking and are ratger intolerant of individuals that actually practice being themselves rather than pretending to be god blessed by having communions are most like the communists. Submission is freedom, self professed angry, jealous and vengeful Gods are Love and general intolerance is goodwill toward Mankind.
Dozilkree 24.04.2018
"Some people are against sodomy until they are doing it to a woman..then it's okay."
Tautaxe 01.05.2018
Supposedly Jesus was crying out in Aramaic Eloi { God} but yeah Elijah supposed to herald in the coming messiah- either the people couldn?t make out what he was saying ( he was dying) and the word for God is close to Eli- jah
Faugor 03.05.2018
Read what I said. He's bound by that text. It's a document, a covenant oat contract..the title of the book. He will not break it. The real tragedy, is you guys constantly try and find fault with the bible, but you don't even bother to understand the bleepin title! Man..do yourself a favor here. Read up on covenant first.
Nikosida 10.05.2018
Playing fiddle to the base.
Arami 20.05.2018
If a god is for something, what is a god for? Only to explain why things are there. People are perfectly fine not pretending to have explanations though. Gods are in every way unnecessary.
Baramar 25.05.2018
The Will Ferrell , Chad Smith drum skit on Jimmy Fallon was good. They do look very much alike.
Vudolmaran 02.06.2018
If you'd said "credulity" that might have been mildly funny. I suppose it still is, but not for reasons that are particularly flattering to you.
Dagore 09.06.2018
They cared if you didn't sacrifice to the Emperor, and they definitely cared if your religion was an attempt to game their system. The Christians DIDN'T pay their taxes - not to temples or priests anyway, because they had neither. And anyone could join, so it was a great way for anyone to escape paying temple taxes.
Mezigal 17.06.2018
Need I requote your inanity.
Sami 22.06.2018
Not exactly a flea marketing, but still...It is kinda weird.
Brat 30.06.2018
rice krispies with butter and marshmallow.
Daikasa 10.07.2018
I listened to a radio interview about this last night; think it's saying something different, if people look further certain statistics start jumping out... like 70% of cases are of when the claimed past life died of unnatural causes (murder, suicide, accident, etc.), and then of the 30% left, apparently most of those so called past lives died before they were 15. So if it's people repeating stories on an individual scale, I'm not entirely sure they would be able to ensure said story will fit in to major statistical components on a macro scale like that. And if they did, people are naive enough to make up or repeat a story, but still have the wisdom to ensure it fits in to statistical components that weren't even calculated before UVA started documenting it...?...
Meztishakar 17.07.2018
If a student asks the teacher in a physics class whether it is possible to turn water into wine or to walk on water, should the teacher say "no" or should he say "I think you need to discuss that with your preacher" or should he say "Yes, if you follow a proper fermentation process" or " Yes, if you freeze the water first?" ;)
Bagami 21.07.2018
Some lies take longer to reveal than others, but with evolution, it is blatantly visible.
Moogudal 29.07.2018
Me too Foxy.
Moogujar 02.08.2018
you know, weather coverage really shouldn't involve anyone begin out in the weather. Sending people out to dangerous storms for live footage is just a needless thing.
Dutaur 09.08.2018
Nope the bible says his fame went through out the land in his time.Luke 4:37
Dojin 12.08.2018
So gay people have never been exterminated anywhere in the world?


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