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There are reasons to not believe them. And there are reasons TO believe them. You yourself say you accept some stories. So you understand that there are reasons to accept historical records as historical.

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Black bubble ladyboy ass photo
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Dasida 26.02.2018
I still have a pair of those that the pump part is broke
Mauzilkree 01.03.2018
Yes, you're right. I don't know why i took it wrong
Malat 06.03.2018
I think you?re reaching here for a paradox that doesn?t really exist.
Goltitilar 08.03.2018
What a terrible loss. What a shock! My teenaged daughter is going to wake to this horrible news. I hate to tell her--she loves him.
Zolozilkree 08.03.2018
Did Albert Schweitzer get it right?
Kenos 12.03.2018
Not all of any group throw flowers and sin Kumbaya. But I really don't fear that many Christians today.
Fecage 21.03.2018
True. But that is the nature of a capitalistic society. Everyone will not be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. But if the rewards didn't exist, would these people necessarily exist? would the innovation exist? The idea that this kind of success is achievable fuels this kind of ambition.
Vuramar 31.03.2018
Actually it's quite relevant. Activists who don't live there do't have to put up with the crime spike after the activists leave. The carnage belongs to the residents as the activists move to the next city. They only care about the "racist cop" message, not the violence they drive.
Marisar 02.04.2018
Any time someone has the least hint of association to being a Christian and shoots anything, we all hear about it all over the news and certainly on here, so I don't need to rehash those. But also, Atheists are a minority of the population, yet account for a great number of mass killings, how do you explain that?
Shakagar 11.04.2018
BWAHAHAHA. Next he'll quit beer
Gokinos 21.04.2018
You've got to be kidding me! ;)
Dim 27.04.2018
Nice logical fallacy there.
Votilar 02.05.2018
How is it you -as an atheist- don't know how YOU define the supernatural?. All atheists I have debated equate the "supernatural" with flying spaghetti monsters or invisible pink unicorns, etc.
Mushicage 08.05.2018
He said his words would last forever. True.
Zulkihn 13.05.2018
Need a key to understand who "they" "them" and "we" are.
Meztilar 17.05.2018
If you read the text, you'd know that the old laws still apply.
Metilar 20.05.2018
The sentence for murder is lite. He killed their unborn child which the mother


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